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New Dreams

After the birth of our last child, I asked God to give me new dreams.  For so many years (all my life really) my big dream was to marry and have children.  I faced many uncertainties and challenges through my first 40 years, and was never very confident that my big dream would become reality.

Now, I am a married woman with 3 children who call me Mama, but I often feel empty inside.  Life is busy and each day is full, but when I stop and listen, there is a sadness within me.  For so many years I waited for God to answer my prayers and fulfill my dreams.  Now that the lifelong dream has been realized, what do I hope for?  Are the significant events of my life over?

Perhaps this is what mid-life is about.

So I asked God repeatedly to give me new dreams.  I desperately needed to know that there were meaningful and significant events still in my future.  In the meantime, I kept doing my daily business:  taking kids to school, cooking for my family, grocery shopping, helping kids with homew…

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